Mcforge Plus

Today i am going to be attempting to move all levels ranks and data to the new mcforge+ for testing, i dont know how long its going to take but whilst i am doing it the original server will not be up (to the public) as it will be restarted very frequently, sorry for any inconvenience.

Im doing this in hopes to fix the undo glitch


i was wondering why the server was down. this is my last day on this week as im off to Germany tomorrow morning. 6:15 i need to be at school so we can get there in time. it takes 12 HOURS!!!

well have fun ouhai :slight_smile:

thanks xD

Not going well, its very diffrent from the vanilla mcforge and has alot of bugs, the undo glitch is apparently not one of them but the alpha of this program have many more to compensate for the lack of that bug XD, the plus server wont be working for a while but ill keep you posted :stuck_out_tongue:

it will hopefully be up by the time i get back on sunday afternoon


I’ll be able to play again on saturday also. Should the server be up by then?