MC Stocks (very very interesting)

Ok, now this is really REALLY cool! We can now assess a worth of towns, shops, and other things! I have talked to multiple people who said they were interested in investing in BnS, but the challenge or regulating prices, and managing shareholders is far to difficult for me to handle. This plugin creates stocks for different groups and the price goes up/down based on supply/demand.

The people who own towns/companies can now have IPOs (initial public offerings), which generates money and helps run the company. Basically, you can sell off [number] of shares for a company, which represents [percentage]% of the company, and there would be stock prices.

We could even add a stocks page to the economy tab and a Stock Market Admin Shop in the market. This adds a whole new dimension to the money in the server. and creates something for people to spend money on! This will also give more money to people who can invent cool stuff (they’ll sell stocks in their new ideas and businesses).

This is a really cool plugin, and it would make managing owners, co-owners, shareholders, etc. a lot easier! And, you can find companies (like Quartz Bank or Kwerk Insurance ;)) start up again, which would allow for new and cool businesses on the server!!!

I can see how investors in a company make a company have a temporary boost in money, but how does this generate money for anyone else? Or generate any at all? Does this somehow split profits made to those who have shares? Maybe I just don’t understand the stock market.

This does look cool, but is it right for our server? Although PCB does focus quite a bit on the economy, primarily we are a city building server. Now this would be great for one of those servers where everybody does everything via the economy, or a roleplaying server, but I think that this is just not necessary.

I really like this idea.
My only problem, or more so question, is that would people be able to understand how to do this properly for their person?
Like, it’s really great if you understand it; but what if you don’t? Someone could totally screw themselves haha xD

People are already distant enough from the economy. This would just be throwing in something that hardly anyone understands, and even fewer know how to profit from.

Do we really need more economy crap? I already don’t like the economy because some people just obsess over it. Might be cool for some but not for me. I vote no.

Well said RGA!

Jesus Christ people, its not like you have to use it. People already co-own towns but it is difficult to determin who owns what. This leads to issues and arguments all the time.

It makes people money because if you sell part of what you own, people will pay for it. If what you own becomes better, more people will want to buy apart of it, raising the price. If you are losing money people will want to sell lowering the price.

We’ve seen it before, people think of grand ideas (such as railways, businesses, towns, homes, shops ,etc.) but are unable to make them because they cant get the money.

So it’s a way to invest in a player or group of players essentially. You give them starting money, if they make something other people want to invest further in, the average price goes up. All your creating is a pool of money from many players that the “company” player has full control over. The only way you can sell your shares is if there is any money not spent from what was made by that player or group.

This does not generate money in any way I can see. It takes from many and gives to few. Yes, this hopes the few can do something worthwhile with that money. The problem is, say you fund someone making a big building. That building will never make money. Thus, you paid to allow someone to work on a project they wanted to do.

The only way it could make money is if your investing in someone starting a shop or similar. Even then, it makes more sense to me for a share % of the profits be shared rather then make stocks. The stocks could represent the % perhaps. At this point though, it seems like a bad deal for the shop owner.

Loans make more sense. The bank I liked. This… maybe I just don’t understand.

No no, you sell the shares to people who want to buy them, not from some mysterious pool of money. You can sell your shares when someone wants to buy them.

If you wanted a % of the profits, then that would be dividends which I would imagine is possible.

Okay, no pool. Instead, someone sells imaginary units to people. Then, other people can buy these imaginary units (stocks, I know) for the value they think it is worth. No money is made, just people buying and selling imaginary units. In the end, the only person that profits is? The person or persons who manage to get people to buy these.

I understand investing. Stocks… not so much. IRL, stocks hold real value because it means people have a say in what a company does. Even then though, the major shareholder makes all the decisions. I just can’t see that happening here.

Ferr, you said “not everyone has to use it” well wouldn’t we want a plug in that most people understand and will use? xD I don’t really understand stocks, and most people don’t. Good Luck though!
<3 koalamama