mc chat and the PvP server

Every time I try to connect to the pvp server with mc cha for android it kicks me for flying or other related but when I connect to the normal server with mc chat it works fine. Is there a reason for that?

pvp server is no social party! It’s war there no fun talk that’s for the survival creative server

Actually being helpful…

I would imagine the PvP Server has anticheat or nocheat which depending on where you spawn can derp out and think you’re flying. Sometimes spawning on a fencepost does that (as you’re more than 1 block above the ground)

I have the same problem on my Android, do iPhone users have the problem too?

I dont have the problem on the normal server only the pvp one

You are not supposed to go to that server and chat … it’s war there Not a Social party!

Yomi is right on that one, why would u want to talk to peeps when they are all killing each other and whatnot.

I agree, I was just testing for Skee if it was a problem for everyone or just his phone. .-.

I think minechat is a good idea for this server. You can check in with the latest information on your clan.

Meh. Fine I’ll stick to the normal server with mc chat lol 8)