mc_adventurer27 - 2013/03/09


Minecraft Username mc_adventurer27

Date of Ban 2013/03/09
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by Sacreddeathflame

Reason for Ban Banned by Prilaman for: Griefing

Reason to be Unbanned i love this sever!

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This player was actually banned by Prilaman, but somehow was still playing on the server I just reinforced the ban.

This ban was a long time ago and the ban didn’t work at first as Sacred stated. During this griefing he started off by asking for admin or he would shut down PCB because he worked for Mojang, and then after we told him now he had a fit and decided to start breaking everything in his way which then he was soon banned for these griefs. Then because the ban wasn’t working he kept coming back on refusing to make a ban appeal until today. He said in the past when we asked him about this different answers as in once he said it was his sibling. He even one day kept going back on to PCB when we said to stay off until a ban appeal was made and we had Andy continuously kick him when ever he joined. I felt like this story needed more then just “griefing” as a reason for ban. And how do i relate to him being banned? I was watching him the day he raged and then started griefing.

TL;DR: He has done bad bad stuff and may need punishment but he did bad bad things long time ago. I watched him break the stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:

He always seemed to be causing problems whenever I saw him

Reason for unban: i love this sever!
Clearly not if you'd go as far as to grief and threaten to shut down the server. We take those kinds of threats very seriously regardless of whether you were joking or not. On top of that, you ignored what staff said and without a care kept pestering us by constantly relogging in.

I’d like to find a reason for you to be unbanned but why bother. You yourself have not even given one.

He also kept saying the reason he wasn’t banned was that he was unbanned by an OP but no OP unbanned him so it was clearly a lie. >:(

This is a clear no. Locking