Maze Moving Question

I have a question concerning the difficulty of moving my maze to survival. This might be a bit of a ridiculous question. Would it be easier or even possible, to just change people on the creative server to survival mode, and enable mobs to spawn? Or is that not a good idea. Because it might be a little hard to move all of the maze to survival, but if moving it is more likely, i have a good spot to put it. Also if you can’t move it all in one go, maybe it could be moved in chunks, that might make it a lot more difficult, but it will make it more likely to work.

ya know what wouldve been cool? is it was a multilayered maze :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, can we try and keep this in one topic please? This is the third one about pretty much the same thing…

A multilayer maze might be pretty cool, but that probably would be something ill do in singleplayer for a big survival map, this was hard enough to make.

Sorry liam, i just wanted to make sure that i get all my info straight before i try to make a failed event, like mine and sacred’s christmas surprise we made. That would have turned out better if i had been able to organize it better. Ill try to keep the topics to a minimal.

Is there any way that i can get these schematics for the maze, so i can make a survival map? That would be really cool.