May Building Contest

Category: Monthly Build Competition
Time: NOW
Server: Survival

From now on I will be starting a building competition every month on the survival server.
Each month will be a different challenge.

This month’s challenge is to…

[size=24pt][glow=red,2,300]Build a boat![/glow]

[size=18pt][glow=red,2,300]Competition rules:[/glow]
Entries must be built by one player only - NO group entries.
All items used in the construction must be legitimately obtained - Either mined or bought. No worldedit or anything like that.
Texture packs may be used to ‘enhance’ looks of creations. The name and a download link to the texture pack used must be included in your entry.
Entries must be submitted by the end of this month (Midnight of 31st May GMT)
Entries are to be submitted as a response to this post including an image and co-ordinates of your creation.

I couldn’t host a competition and not have any prizes! Nobody would take it seriously (If people competed at all)
So here is a list of proposed prizes (subject to change):

1st place:
1 monster spawner of the player’s choice.
$10,000 in-game.

2nd place:
5 spawn eggs of the player’s choice.
$5,000 in-game.

3rd place
2 free enchantments of the player’s choice on a previously unenchanted tool/weapon/armour.
$2,500 in-game.

edit (andy): because you blew up the sidebar :frowning:

speaking of building a boat… was the CMP Docks event ever given proper winners XD

also Ruby, will future events be able to use buildings of the type the competition is doing will it be
able to use builds already made?

and i will be in, when is the start date and end date? i will try my hardest to be able to make a boat for the event.

Herp derp xD
Also can we make airships? :smiley:

So we can build the boat anywhere we want?

oooo… if so i wanna make the Falcon from Final Fantasy IV (the one with the huge drill bit attached to the Bow.) or the RMS Prima
Vista from FFIX

wowowowowoowoaaah hold on there. I think tarnav has already won with that do we all agree? XD

All these events begin at the time of posting and end at midnight (GMT) of the last day of the month. There will be a new competition every month.

Yes you can build anywhere you want, remember to include co-ords in your entries.

Not airships, BOATS. Airships will be another challenge. The boats can be whatever you want. Recreations or something random you came up with. Just make it awesome and legit :stuck_out_tongue:

I would prefer it if the builds were made from scratch. If you are going to use a building previously made then you should put that information in your entry and bear in mind that you probably won’t win.

I shall also need volunteers for judges. Just 2 should be fine.

Hmm… I’m probably going to give this one a go… time to start farming wool!

I like judging! I wonder if we should use a vote system that only counts those that made an entry. It won’t work if everyone votes for themselves, so one rule is they can’t vote for themselves. This way, someone WILL get the majority vote from peers.

Small chance that i wont be able to have enough time to build this because im getting my computer tookin up this wednesday. :confused: So if i don’t find any time to build, i would love to be a judge. :smiley:

Well considering I’m not on enough atm, ill be a judge if that’s ok? I’ll participate in the airship challenge if it is next month.

i am not very good at building boat’s but what the hell if i don’t try i wont know :stuck_out_tongue:
so may i join?

Anyone can enter. It’s an open competition. It just has to be built on our survival map following all the rules :slight_smile:

Kyle, that might work better actually. Everybody gets 1 vote and no voting for yourself.

And andy, I’m sorry? Not quite sure what I did to blow up the sidebar…

Ruby, I think Andy means this.

I see… sorry…

It’s fine. Always happens.

Just a reminder that this is still open until Thursday. Get your entries in!

Ah… I really wanted to enter… but I had no time… I might try to do it at my lan party, I’ll see.

Just give me a crafting bench and 5 wooden planks and theres my entry :slight_smile:

don’t worry about it too much, there will be a new contest every month :slight_smile: