Minecraft Username: MaxEM_

Date of Ban: 19-02-2020

Banned by: madant79

Reason for Ban: Alleged griefing. i assume i got banned for breaking one of the many nether portal that was not linking properly in the nether. There’s some linking issues with multiverse etc.

I recently post a bug issue in #support and Emfitty investigated with me about it.

Reason to be Unbanned: I won’t beg your pardon i’m just a builder wandering around here , participating in community projects (liked kurry’s subburban neighborhood) and doing my thing in the survivalmap (around 2600 64 -2600)

Quote of the day:
-Life is about accepting the challenges along the way, choosing to keep moving forward, and savoring the journey.

Previous appeals: It’s the first time i ever got ban from a server but hey these things happen !

@Mannriah @Emfitty Hey loves, can any one tell me specifically why Maxem_QC was banned? He’s one of the players I brought into the server, he’s been the most helpful person and has been playing on servers for a long time and I have no reasons to believe he’s griefed willingly something.

Would love some clarifications on this…

Looks like he was banned by @madant79.

@madant79 Why was Maxem banned?

@madant79 discord: MaxEm_#8952 let’s talk about it

Madant doesn’t seem to be around at present so I’ll go ahead and unban as it sounds like this may have been a misunderstanding. Madant is welcome to jump in an clarify when he is back.

Thanks for the appeal. I can appreciate that you were trying to figure out the nether portals. The one you broke was actually working perfect, and you did take all the obsidian as well, which was vary obviously linked to my base. I am glad you are back!