mattyc164 - 25th of May, 2013


Minecraft Username mattyc164

Date of Ban 25th of May, 2013
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by shadowmeire628

Reason for Ban i am submitting a new appeal as my other appeal was locked and i could not reply,(reason) argueing with shadow

Reason to be Unbanned ok, i have read all the comments and what the staff think and have also thought over my actions of what have happened over the last few days. first i would like to apologise for all the time you guys have wasted over such a stupid argument, which i should have not got involved in, i only got involved to stick up for shadow. me and shadow were both in the wrong for this and we all can agree on this. i didnt presume that shadow kicked me the message was kicked by shadowmeire628 “log off now !”, i know i should have calmed after this, but this provoked my anger even more about the situation, i would like to say sorry to shadow and any other staff that were directly involved in this problem.(please take all of comments i have stated into account please , i really enjoyed this server while i could) ~Matty

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you are able to post in the other thread, as it is not locked. please post in that. just copy and paste what you have here to the old one… please post the screenshot you have of this kick screen, cause as the logs show, i did not kick you.

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