mattyc164 - 24th of May, 2013


Minecraft Username mattyc164

Date of Ban 24th of May, 2013
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by shadowmeire628

Reason for Ban first of all i would like to report shadow for staff abuse i will state reasons for the staff and ban, ok i logged on to find out if ninja could unban azza as shadow had banned him swell…(azzas ban appeal ninja said he could not and i had to go to work so i left.i later came back and ninja told me to listen and not be stubborn he later explained that only spec could un ip ban azza, shadow then came back from being afk at the “lag grinder” and decided to start on me. he called me a kid which i admit i am only 14 but with having my own business i fell that i am more mature than that, ninja then said he was also 14 so that kept him quiet, he then started saying wait till i feel what its like paying bills etc (totally off topic from what i was talking about) and i told him i do as i am a only child with a single parent, then he insulted me by saying “do you take out the trash for daddy” i found this very rude, shadow later continued to tell me his life story (as said by ninja) shadow then kicked me with the reason “log off now !”, i did not and i rejoined i told him that i had as much right to be their as anyone else, then he said i am only donator and thanks to me (only in a small way ) i help the server to run, then he later insulted my intelligence by saying “you do know I’m staff ?” ,and then i said your only op which the rank doesn’t have the permission to op, he then later said “well i can do this little donator” then banned me for the reason “until i see fit to unban you” i do not see this a ligament reason for a ban. i then logged on to the dynmap and was talking to ninja then shadow reappeared and i asked him if he was going to unban me he said “MATT i will when i fucking want to” (yet again very rude). after more afk at the “lag grinder” he ip banned me . this i fell was very uessacary when consider he was as much part of the cause as me \r\n

Reason to be Unbanned along with azza we have formed a town with excellent facilitates to get the new players established on the server, i have donated to help keep the server running and i think that shadow, i will be deeply saddened if i am never unbanned from this server as i have spent a lot of time on their best regards ~matty

[ Ban History ] No previous ban appeals on record.

[ ! ] Do not post unless you are in someway involved in this matter.
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This is getting bigger and bigger… Do you really think that talking about my banning is a valid reason to ban someone?! Really? Those things that Shadow has said both to Matty and me were NOT near for a staff member to use… This is getting ridiculous… I didn’t want to put my nose in this business, but since Matty is my friend and I am heavily involved in this, rudely said sh**. This is not OUR problem anymore… Shadow needs a break siriously… And this server has been a really good one… until this happened… But I don’t know about it anymore… Seriously, think about it…

Edit: Seriously, that is a OP, think about it [glow=red,2,300]OP[/glow] abusing his powers!

  1. I kicked you, not shadow, because both of you were raging and I wanted 1 of you to leave and stop the fight before it got worse.
  2. Yes shadow was raging and I did tell him to stop but you could have logged of and ended the fight as well. Neither of you would change the subject and only wanted to continue to rage at each other.
  3. I found that this whole situation was too fast and got out of hand.

All in all, this whole situation was delt with by rage and not as it should have, and 1 of you needed to just walk away from the situation. Both are responsible for this because it takes 2 to fight and it doesn’t matter who started it.
Higher staff have been notified of this situation and are dealing with it currently.

honestly, i would like logs pulled for today to clear up any confusion.

i would also like to state, that my fucking ‘lagg grinder’ has been here since 1.2, and if you have a problem with it, you can go the hell somewhere else, i just got it up and going again, and its non of your goddamn business wether im there or not.

Also, i was in a perfectly good mood untill you came on and started DEMANDING that we ask spec to unban him. Special is asleep right now, and if he wanted to, azza would be unbanned right now, as both _andy and Special were on earlier this morning, and im sure saw azzas ban appeal.

As far as it goes with you, im inclined to leave you banned. As ive stated over and over and over again, i dont know why kids feel they are automatically obligated to be assholes to staff when they dont get thier way but im sick of it. If i ban you, its for a reason, and dynamap is not a reason to bypass that. and you can ask Ninja, you were an antagonistic little bastard the whole time you were on the server, and im not putting up with the bullshit anymore. if you dont like being called a kid, stop acting like on, shut your damn mouth when its fitting, and you wont get in the situation your in.

as far as your reason for being unbanned: it sucks. basically you’ve said you spend time here and you build.

which i can guarentee you ive been here longer, and yet according to you im supposed to stop being in my base so you can operate your little town. which makes no sense to me, and as far as donating goes, its not cruise control to be an asshole either.

All in all, ill be fileing ANOTHER player report on you (thanks for the extra work, i appreciate it) when my fingers stop shakeing from being pissed off this early in the day, and i believe you should remain banned, cause of your attitude towards staff.

And once again, if someone can pull logs, i would appreciate that as well

~ your community hardass

Ok, first things first.
Matty, no waterfalls of text, I am not that good of a swimmer.

When I got on dynamap, I found the pleasant and arousing chatter of two players having caught the rage flu. Joining the server, I asked what happened, and the problem seemed to be related about the problem of yesterday, between azza and shadow over the mobgrinder of his base on the old Survival map. Apparently, matty got on and somehow the whole argument had started up again. Matty had been banned by shadow, but like azza, he went to the dynamap and the whole argument continued. Once again, an IPban happened.

So my views on this:

  1. I haven’t experienced any severe lag caused by the mobgrinder, unless I were on the old map. The whole lag problem might as well have been caused by the server itself having issues, or a less-than-perfect internet connection. If I am wrong, slap me in the face and call me ignorant.

  2. Shadow swore. Yes, that is bad, but this is a signal that someone is pissed. If that someone has OP, take care.
    Shadow kicked. This is to be regarded as a WARNING, no matter who you might be, unless it is accompanied with a mildly amusing message.
    Shadow banned. Do NOT go to the dynamap to provoke him more, you are rubbing salt in the wound!
    Shadow IPbanned. There is no mute option, this is what happens.

No idea if this helps, at least it is something. I hope peace can find a way into this server once again, and if it does, hopefully builds a bunker to hide in next time something like this happens.

as i have stated before, shadow shows no respect as clearly seen from his reply from before, and shadow i dont really care if you have to file “ANOTHER” report as it is self inflicted, your were over using your powers i admit i might have raged but your purely banned me to show what you can do, i think you are now taking this more as an attack of your pride, trust me and btw im sick of you thinking the world revolves around you because your are higher ranked trust me i dont give one shit what you think of me, all i want is a fair ban appeal about this situation not from you as you will just call me rude name with obseen language which one would not expect to hear from "a senior staff member " as you claimed yourself

Matty, respect is earned, not bought, and if you want me to respect you, its time you start respecting the people around you. Obviously you have a problem with people of authority if your going to act like this. like i said, you were DEMANDING that ninja contact special to unban azza, and like ninja said, stop asking, cause it was obviously your second time asking as Special said.

Just so i dont have to worry about flipping another rage switch. im going to lock this untill someone can dig up the FULL logs for this incident.

Locked untill further notice

Unlocking this so special will see it. If Matt OR azza post in this thread again, I will ban you from thre forum, and won’t have to worry about unbanning you

Just talked to special on Steam. He pulled up a set of logs, but me not thinking about his time is Aus, gave him the wrong date. as soon as a aquire logs from the correct date, will post the full logs here. Relocked untill i can get them

double posting, cause this shit is LONG!I would like to note, the only things taken out of the log, are not pertinant to the appeal, such as players joining the server: :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually changed my mind. made it a word doc cause it wont go into the forum un jumbled.

Please download this, and read over it. its the full story. no more he said she said bs

mmk, time for one of my point scoring thimgamabobs.

Matty asked twice about unbanning azza so shad told him (quite stubbornly) to stop constantly asking.

Matty -1 Shad -1

Matty and Shad both continued the argument

Matty -2 Shad -2

Ninja tries to cool the situation by kicking matty. Matty instantly assumes shad did it and restarts the argument. Bearing in mind a kick should be seen as a warning, matty should have stopped and come back online and apologised or waited as the kick said to.

Matty -3 Shad -2 Ninja +1

Both continue argueing AGAIN.

Matty -4 Shad -3

Shad bans matty (quite reasonably, but the whole thing could have been avoided.)

Matty -4 Shad -3.5

Matty uses the dynmap to bypass the ban and continue argueing.

Matty -5 Shad -3.5

Delta and ninja both try to calm shad and matty down.

Matty -5 Shad -3.5 Ninja +2 Delt +1

Shad ipbans matty (again reasonable, but the whole thing could have been avoided)

Matty -5 Shad -4

Overall matty was more in the wrong but shad wasn’t always in the right.

I think delt pretty much summed it up perfectly:

<[Mod] Deltavor> I think the whole story is a piece of boar shit to begin with.

yeah i coulda been avoided. but i still feel it is bs that i can’t get on anymore and just… enjoy myself in my creation, cause people can’t stop. and i was always taught, dont put up with anyone else’s bull. He coulda stopped, just as easily as me, but i didn’t feel i should have had to because of the fact he started all this bull, starting up about, god forbid, me being in my spawn trap

this is also why i wont be on again for a while. Im leaving this in the hands of the other staff… if it was me, the lightest punishment i can think of is a temp ban for 2 weeks

ok, i have read all the comments and what the staff think and have also thought over my actions of what have happened over the last few days. first i would like to apologise for all the time you guys have wasted over such a stupid argument, which i should have not got involved in, i only got involved to stick up for shadow. me and shadow were both in the wrong for this and we all can agree on this. i didnt presume that shadow kicked me the message was kicked by shadowmeire628 “log off now !”, i know i should have calmed after this, but this provoked my anger even more about the situation, i would like to say sorry to shadow and any other staff that were directly involved in this problem.(please take all of comments i have stated into account please , i really enjoyed this server while i could) ~Matty

2013-05-24 12:41:14 [INFO] [PCBan] ninjamonk377 kicked player MattyC164. Reason: log off now

This has gone on too long.

Matty: If you want people to respect you, act a bit more mature and sensible, rather than adding retorts to things which aren’t necessarily offensive. Chances are, if you’re offended by being called a kid, you probably are a kid. I understand why some of the things that were said could have annoyed you, but you overreacted to a lot of it.

Shad: I’ve already spoken to you, so you know what needs to be done from your end. For the benefit of others, I basically said he needs to try and stay calm a bit more, and also not retort to some things.

I want Matty and Azza to create ONE post in this thread giving a good reason for his unban and an explanation of his actions. If your reasons turn into you simply being annoyed with shadow, ninja or anyone else, it won’t help you in the slightest so please try and handle this chance sensibly, perhaps apologising for some of your actions, or saying what you should have perhaps done differently, as shadow has expressed how he could have handled things better. Also, walls of text are difficult to read.

I want this sorted, with no more posts until Matty gives his reason below.

EDIT: Checked Azza’s appeal, which to me seems resolved (once the ip ban has been sorted). It’s just down to the situation with Matty now.

ok once again after reading all the new posts, i would like to apologise for my actions especially to the staff that were involved at the time (ninja,delta and shadow). i would also like to thank the staff for their quick responses to comments and apologise again for the time that this has wasted. I have come to the conclusion that i should not have become involved in this problem as it was azzas not mine but i overreacted with shadow and raged.This was directly the cause of my ban and i come to terms with what has occurred.I would like to say sorry again to everyone that has been involved.
best regards ~matty

Im talking to Liam about this now. can someone please unban him in 3 days time. (on the 29th of May, by my reckoning)

The ip ban has been lifted. thanks for the apology. all that will need to be done is a regular /unban

I will return to the server, hopefully unclouded in thought, on the 8th of June.


Now that its been 3 days I have unbanned Matty.