MattDB - 22nd of January, 2016


Minecraft Username MattDB

Date of Ban 22nd of January, 2016
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by JBI

Reason for Ban Using X-Ray

Reason to be Unbanned I wasn’t using X-Ray, I have a fortune 3 pick and I was following the sound of lava…

[ Ban History ] No previous ban appeals on record.

[ ! ] Do not post unless you are in someway involved in this matter.
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me and david have been watching since you have joined. you dug straight for diamonds through stone on at least three occasions. There is no way you could have known they were there unless you were using xray. plus thats really impossible that you earned a stack in just few minutes so please stop lying and just tell us the truth because its not helping your chances to get back to the server .

please try and make a better appeal like you really want to get back on PCB

Dude Like I said I have a Fortune 3 pick… and I mine where people have never mined before. Also I have a mining trick where I got between layers 1 -14

[size=12px]Also, I didn’t mine straight down, I mined 5 blocks down, then across two, then 5 blocks down in a pattern.

I am pretty certain you were using an X-Ray mod of some kind, even if it wasn’t called ‘X-Ray’ or along those lines. It didn’t seem natural at all to me that you were mining directly to diamond blocks. Once you reached a diamond block- (keep in mind I saw this in solid stone areas, no flowing lava for the majority of the time or caverns.) -you directly went in a direction straight to another diamond block, even getting the right level up or down.

Another red flag was the sudden increase in your Economy ranking as well as us noticing your inventory was quickly from 0 diamonds right to almost a stack (when I last checked) in a short-ish amount of time.

:stuck_out_tongue: Once again Fortune 3 and I mine in different directions, Stairways, sideways, what else can I say… that’s pretty much it, plus I read minecraft mining handbooks, and it tells me to mine at 1-14 layer (Bedrock to 15 blocks up) Also known as the diamond layer, also if I was a hacker I would’ve closed the server or hacked the plugins to grief the server, which I didnt

this makes alot of sense now, its not just u go into a mine and are like: oh cool diamonds at: blah blah blah, now i have 12393142 of them!

Will, I didn’t have like 12393142 diamonds lol, With a Fortune 3 Pick 1 ore = 4 diamonds each

Xray is not a hack, and nobody is claiming you to be a hacker. The ones who were online with you are suggesting you’re using an Xray Texture pack that lets you see through layers underground or mod equivalent to the use of Xray. Fact of the matter is you were caught, and as far as the one’s who were online to catch you are concerned they have plenty of evidence to not believe that. I’m disappointed in you Matt to see things go like this as it’s really not helping your case and if you want to even be considered coming back to this server you ought to tell the truth. A pattern that typically happens is we do give consequences to Trusted users who just tell the truth. So if you can do that for the people who did have involvement in this case, perhaps they will determine what’s the best punishment for you.You can only help yourself here :confused:

Are you actually taking this seriously?

Once again Fortune 3 and I mine in different directions, Stairways, sideways, what else can I say... that's pretty much it,
If you dig straight to diamonds, we can see it. It's very easy to check. Nobody randomly mines straight to diamonds every single time.
plus I read minecraft mining handbooks, and it tells me to mine at 1-14 layer (Bedrock to 15 blocks up) Also known as the diamond layer
Everyone mines there. You wouldn't have been able to x-ray diamonds if you weren't there.
also if I was a hacker I would've closed the server or hacked the plugins to grief the server, which I didnt
If that's how you define a hacker, then you're a kid with a mod that tells you where the diamonds are. Either way, it's a bannable offence.

I looked at all of the mining paths, and there is no denying that you used an x-ray client. You were snaking around, and definitely weren’t “listening for lava.” NO ONE takes mining paths like you did regularly.

You’re a Trusted member. Seriously, Matt, you need to shape up. You’re chances of getting unbanned are LOW. You lied, and made a horrible appeal, and you’ve betrayed our trust.

I don’t use mods and I didn’t dig like straight down, like I said earlier, ^Quote above… I don’t use mods on servers unless its a 1.7.10 modded, Ftb, etc. and I didn’t dig straight to diamonds, I just made a staircase and diamonds were there infront of me or under my feet, its not like I said “oh look theres diamonds I should mine straight down since I know that theres no lava and diamonds under me.” The only reason I had a stack is because of the pickaxe my friend gave me that had Fortune 3. Also why would I use mods on a server I like…

[size=12px]Also Ferf, I turned my Master Volume to 100% and turned all music off so Ik if there’s something coming that would possibly make me die

[size=12px]And if you want, I don’t use mods but if it makes you feel better then I did. I’m just a skilled miner and if you want me to admit I did mods I didn’t but I certainly don’t want this to make everyone hate me.

Please could you explain to me how one can become a “skilled miner” I think everyone out there is confused as to what this entails.

Skilled miner means I’ve had experiences on other servers that help me mine more accurately

After further deliberation with staff , we came to the conclusion that you have been using a hacked client for unfair advantage , it would be incorrect to let this serious rule breaking go unpunished . on that note your ban is going to stay permanent . and please dont even bother appealing again


I apologize in advance for my resurrection of this thread, but I’ve forum-banned Matt.
Staff, you should be able to see the reasons.