Minecraft Username: mastertyler04

Date of Ban: 31-12-2020

Banned by: Whbilbo

Reason for Ban: Repeated verbal harrasment

Reason to be Unbanned: I have changed a lot since I have been banned. I have thought a lot about what I am as a person, and do realize how I speak to people now, much better than I ever have. I do think that if let back onto the server, I would be a positive for the server and not a negative person like I had been before.

Previous appeals: Yes. It was an interaction between me and another player that led to us arguing in chat and fighting with each other, that was resolved between the two of us, total ban was 2 weeks.

Hello Tyler. While this appeal is decently constructed, your behaviours immediately after your ban and the actions leading up to your ban are still not worthy of coming back to the server. Being a positive member of the server does sound promising. However, actions are still actions and I don’t beleive now would be the best time for you to return. You will remain banned for the time.