Minecraft Username: mastertyler04

Date of Ban: 12/30/2020

Banned by: whbilbo

Reason for Ban: Verbal Harasment of Tedward.

Reason to be Unbanned: I don’t care if I am unbanned. I am leaving this server permanently. I just wanted it to be understood that I would not verbally harm someone unless I was joking about something. Ted knew full well that I was joking and kept poking me. Then he started to complain about it in public chat to others. and I messaged him that I do not care what he thinks about me but to not put it into private chat. I tried to work it out with him, and I told him I would talk to him to figure this out, and he refused and instead told a staff member I was being mean or whatever. I really don’t care if this amounts to anything. but I did want you to know that I would not harm someone like that. It goes against what I am for.

Previous appeals: Yes, March of 2019 Spam and or Greifing.

As you’ve stated, You don’t care if you are unbanned and you’re leaving the server permanently. You’ve also insulted the community through your actions on discord.

You Will Remain Banned.
Until you’ve either matured, or can eventually come back and write a proper appeal and can prove you’re a decent player in the eyes of our server, I’ll maybe consider it.
Have A Good Day.