masterofassassin: around 8/14/11 i think

Minecraft Username: masterofassassin
Approximate Date of Ban: around 8/14/11 i think
OP Who Banned You: liam559

Reason for Ban: got banned for tearing down a house in my property
Reason for Unban: i believe i was banned wrongly because he built in my property i should have said something before i did sorry
Server: Survival

think he has rights to destroy a house on his property. so i think he should be unbanned :smiley:

Your.chances of unban are slim. Liam did not ban you. I did, before the server change
You did greif. And so did your freinds. Your basicly considered traitors every thing you did.
I’ll leave this to the others

I was looking through masterofassassin based posts and am convinced that Hard is right. He has not behaved with the maturity level expected of a 21 year old, and has repeatedly attempted to apply for a staff position (which were all rejected). He has also been know to use TP to abuse Keaton.

Well, I did ban him, (but I think hard had already) and rolled him back, as I found griefing on another players home. When I rolled you back, nearly all of it got undone. Also, this was a LONG time ago. It would help if you posted an appeal sooner, as it would have shown that you actually cared. I can’t remember the full details, so like hard, I will leave this to others to decide.

believe what u want to believe but hard has never liked me and his house was in my area either way its your choice just trying to get a second chance. i really don’t care if i am guest status i just wanna have fun with everyone i know again. I know what i did was wrong, and i wont do it again. sorry all, and truly hard i am sorry. so its up too you if u believe me or not ill just hang around till we come to a verdict. sorry. not trying to be snotty or in any way a jerk but if my friends and i r traders then why is weeeeeeee368 being allowed back in? just wondering, please don’t take it offensively.

was your land clearly marked and fool-proof?

yes hard put up fence like 15 blocks high and marked off an area for me, weeeeeeee368, and nerfball

If I remember correctly, I too banned you before you left. You (or at least your account) were griefing all over the place while being pretty damn disrespectful to everyone else in the server at the time. It was not just you, it was nerfball too who I remember went around smashing things including my sheep house.

I did a bit of digging and found this:

You have three griefing instances against your username - two of which occured in the past week for block griefing and spamming. To me that seems quite suspicious that you out of the blue appear now after racking up a (who knows how many) number of bans.

Generally I have been pretty lenient towards the “hacked” excuse, but unless you have a genuine explanation for this then either way you’re clearly doing something wrong.

This was resolved and they were unbanned as I remember, correct me if I’m wrong, due to missing posts…

This was all resolved. There’s a whole 2 pages of missing posts