Massive PvP LAN Project (Finished)

[size=13px]Well this is a project i recently started for my school because EVERYBODY has minecraft on their computers and likes to LAN. So far I haven’t found anybody who had an appropriate PvP map built. So i took it upon myself to make one.
[size=18px]This Map Involves:
12 Classes to Choose from
7 Different maps (Every time a player gains a win the map will change)
A multiple of effects to choose from
[size=1.45em]What Maps Provide:
It is impossible to break anything (That is why you will see your hand not move very fast)
Each class is provided with effects and items
Most maps will provide a safe spawn point to prevent spawn camping
[size=1.45em]How to Win:
[size=1em]The way you get a win point is by killing 10 players
[size=1em]Every time you die, a kill point will be subtracted away from your total
[size=1.45em]Info About Map:
Spawn will start players out blind, slow, and weak (They must find the exit buttons on corners of spawn)
(Remove exit buttons on spawn to make it private for only your friends to join)
To reset spawn the player must step on pressure plate in the middle of the room (They will die, it’s fine)
There are a few repeating effects that wont wear off (Mining fatigue being the main one)
The reason your hand wont move very fast is simply because everybody in the map is effected with a mining fatigue of 20 which prevents the players from breaking absolutely anything (If they were in adventure they could still break stuff like grass, glass, torches, etc.)
[size=18px]Download Here: http://www.mediafire…hp0mve0snb39m06

You need to clean up some of that formatting xD

If it’d be ok to ask, i’d really appreciate it if ya’ll could get this shared around and have people download it. I worked really hard on it and it’d be nice if people could find this.