Massive Maze Runner Maze! I need help

[size=36pt]Maze Runner Maze!

Ok, so I am planning to build a replica of the maze from the book and film “The Maze Runner”. To build this maze I would need about 8 others helping, because I plan to build the glade in the middle with 8 “sectors” surrounding it, 2 per sector would be preferable but 1 per sector would make it accomplishable. I need people who would be committed to the task from beginning to end and have read the book and/or watched the film so they have some knowledge of the style/size.

[size=18pt]The Building
The walls of the maze are probably going to be made of stone brick (unless anyone else has suggestions?) with vines covering them and the details of the maze from the book/film such as joinings for when the maze moves at night (obviously this one cannot move but it’s a nice touch.) The glade would have features and buildings made of oak wood, because that is all that is available in the glade. We would need key features such as the box, the watchtower, etc.
The platform is 766x766, enough for 250x250 inside each sector and the glade with walls that are 4 blocks thick.
Below is a map of what the maze would look like (do not look if you have not read the book (spoilers)).

The G stands for Glade.[/details]


For the grievers, we would probably use some zombies? Or possibly endermen. We could use part of an end portal for the griever hole (if they’re allowed).

The walls would be 4 blocks thick and the actual channels that you run through would be 6 blocks wide.

Please reply if you would like to help or if you have suggestions.

Glade: Available
Sector 1: tigerx112, available
Sector 2: Available, available
Sector 3: Available, available
Sector 4: Available, available
Sector 5: Available, available
Sector 6: Available, available
Sector 7: Available, available
Sector 8: Available, available

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