Massive hacking - greifing

Three guys hacked the server, banned and destroyed stuff. (They banned me)
This said they banned Special’s account.
The three names:

Hope this can help!
They probably hacked the website so no idea if this message will go through. Good luck guys…

They destroyed farcoast as part of the damages

Damn this is news to me, I will inform all staff who doesn’t know yet and I think our Admins are currently fixing the problem.

Jesus this will be fun to fix

Ive stopped the server so it will help keep them from doing more stuff

Ladies and Gentlemen, please dont panic, even if they can do all this shit, we have server backups for a reason.

Hopefully things will be back into place sometime tonight/tomorrow

BTW, its not wilcat but I_AM_WILDCAT

thanks Gui

You guys probably already know… :smiley: Just trying to help! Good luck guys!
Its actually probably a bit of my fault in a way, they asked me who owned the server and I told them…

This is why we cant have nice things :frowning:

Oh what fun! We will have this sorted, but it has been a while since serious abuse was done. No major worries aside from some downtime. Please be patient everyone!

No one destroys Farcoast and gets away with it >:(

quietly walks away

Hard is currently fixing Farcoast as im typing this. so no worries there.

Its lagging like crazy on there from all the things getting fixed, but Hard and Sacred have things under control, while Sip is keeping watch from the console.

Everything SHOULD be normal tomorrow though. Just be patient, if you can help it, try to stay off so that we can get things done faster.

Will we catch the hackers/griefers? or are we just gonna let it slide…

All known hackers and griefers have been banned and we currently are trying to improve our security. There is also at least 1 staff on at most if not all times until things calm down.

I take a small leave for the weekend and this is what I missed!? I hope everyone is okay, anybody take screenshots I wanna see what I missed if it’s not a bother xD

On serious matters… That’s unbelievable. I can’t say I remember last when the server was hacked. I knew that the hierarchy staff were around for a AVO attack on classic I think but this seems really bad if Farcoast is a “crater”

Most everything is resolved. The items are going back out to Farcoast members. The attack was fairly serious but was dealt with ease for the most part. We are looking into what caused this exactly.

Hard has a picture of the crater and then him fixing it while I am saying: “HARD YOU ARE A MIRACLE WORKER”. lol

It was so bad that crater went past bedrock. Farcoast was some huge black circle on the dynmap. Only far coast was affected. I’m surprised they didn’t hit Beta. But all items and chests were lost and are getting replaced. All of our doors are missing lmao xD. But it was bad and we are thankful for the staff restoring the backups! They also destroyed the main spawn city now one is supposed to build on, and banned everyone and all staff, that’s what crazy it was Cher- javi

This has all been resolved. Players have been banned. Quite an interesting read going through the logs which I won’t share publicly. Homer it wasn’t a real staff member that banned you.

Let’s all put this behind us and forget about it. While they did have some fun, in the end they achieved nothing. Every single block was restored.

Why does all the fun happen while I’m sleeping…