Marking Players

I feel trusted should have a command that lets them mark other players for staff to see that they broke rules. This of course should also have to submit a full report on the crime and details of the crime. Staff can decide accordingly
if said person gets banned. Also you can only mark so many people at once (lets say five). The person who marked them will have answer in the ban appeal too why they banned them and whether or not they think this person should be unbanned ( Of course staff will have the final say in things).

Nope. I got enough to worry about, its just simpler if you tell us. And I’m also afraid y’all will not get your facts straight and say stuff that ain’t true. We have a lot of staff, and do we really need anymore help? :confused:

I appreciate the suggestion but it seems like a bit of unnecessary work. If the player did something wrong then let them know and/or report it if they continue. If the player gets banned and makes an appeal, you’re welcome to post information in the thread as you are a witness.

Ok I just wanted to put ideas out there so it is easier on the staff. But thank you at least for pondering my idea I realize that it was stupid and should probably not even posted it. :-[

No idea is stupid. If you have a suggestion please suggest it :slight_smile: