Market stalls

How can I get a market stall, and how can I view how much money I have? Also, everytime I visit the market all the stuff I had in my inventory has disappeared so if I did have a shop how would I stock it?

Thanks for any help!


How do I get a market stall?
You can get any market stall at /warp market that has not been claimed, or has not been built in.

How can I view how much money I have?
You can either type /money or /balance in game to view your money.

As for all the stuff disappearing from your inventory when you visit the market, I am not sure. My only guess would be that you are going from the creative world to the survival market. Though I’m not aware of the situation.

How to create shop;
Place a chest, or double chest if you prefer, and place the below format into a sign, which will deduct $100 from your balance.

Below is an example of a sign

| Your minecraft Username |
| Amount of item being sold |
| B (How much you sell for):(How much you buy for) S |

Item Name or ID

Do we have to place a stall in the market or can we put it elsewhere?

Currently, I believe that you can only put it in the market. I believe that this is going to be changed soon, however.

Another noobish question. The $100 setup charge, is there an actual reason for that or is it just to stop everybody setting up 10 shops?

Basically adds a bit of realism to the server, where you have to have a little bit of money to set up a business, I suppose, but yes, its to keep people from having tons of shops.