Market armour stands

Hey guys, just a quick one:
Tried to spawn 3 armour stand in the market, none of which spawned but they were taken from my inventory. I’m not bothered about a refund but if someone could let me know why they vanished for future reference. Thanks :slight_smile:

At a guess, armour stands are an entity - so possibly the armour stand item counts as a spawn egg? :-
AFAIK, spawn eggs are disabled server-wide (instead of just disabled in creative).

No - mob spawning is disabled in market, to prevent monsters from spawning.

Armor stands are considered mobs.

Ah damn, so i take it this can’t be changed without mobs spawning :frowning:

That’s a shame, I didn’t think stands were classified as mobs. But alas, they’re only just a decoration! We can make due.