mark4035 - 16th of September, 2014


Minecraft Username mark4035

Date of Ban 16th of September, 2014
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by idk

Reason for Ban i steal some crops in the begin of the game i realy sorry do that but is was in the begin of that server. later i have never griefid something but my town is wel griefing so i ben payt back can i pleace ware on the server
gr mark

Reason to be Unbanned i’m sorry about that but i have never griefd something later

[ Ban History ] No previous ban appeals on record.

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You were banned by Javierero.

My only input is that this ban appeal is near-impossible to read. If it were up to me, I would make them at least explain themselves further.

I’m usually up for second chances since it wasn’t that major but Jesus I can’t interpret this appeal, I’d prefer a much better and easier to understand appeal

he stole when he first joined the server some crops and he is sorry for that, but that was at the start and he doesn’t do that anymore.

He doesn’t grief but he found out his town was “griefed” and he went to do some payback.

this was all a bit long ago (according to him) and he hasn’t griefed since.

he is very sorry and wants to get back.

Is that it?

I go the same thing Yomi did but if that he’s reason he can stay banned. You don’t give out your own personal payback on here you talk to staff and get it fixed. Payback is immature and only makes things worse

He was given enough time to reply. You will remain banned until you further explain what happened, or to write a legit reason. Locked.