Congratulations to Marco for SOP!!!


MARCO!! I’ve known you since Classic (probably like 5 years now) and you’ve always been a cool dude. Can’t think of anyone more deserving right now.

I’m sooo proud of you. Big big big congrats.

I’m really, really proud of you!! You deserve it so much! Congratulations, Marco!! ;D

Thank you so much!



Marco I knew this was going to happen sooner or later!!
I really hope I can pop in some time to congratulate you a lot!
Hope you use SOP wisely and happily :smiley:

Congrats Marco!!

I still remember when you were a mod! :slight_smile:

Congrats marco you deserve it :smiley:

[size=8pt](aw shit) congrats!

Marco, you’re one of the most pleasant staff members I meet on PCB, and you deserve this position. Congrats on attaining Senior Operator.

I never doubt of you, now it is just one more little step for admin!

say whaaaaaa?

Damn, boi! Congrats, you totally deserve it (:

Congrats bb

Thanks bb

Welcome to team red - You’ll do great Marco, I have the upmost confidence in you


Why must you leave blue team?

Oh, and congrats.

I am so happy for you Marco and completely well deserved!! Congratulations!! =D

You are now officially a cool person 8)