Mar8u! IS IN DA HOUSE (w/Fairy) (First Post)

HEYYYYYYYYY im mar, mar8u. But you can call me mar-8u okay? okay. Anyways im new to the server but not THAT new. I joined a month ago but i wanted to have you guys know about me more. First, IM IN DA HOUSE (Fairy) Okay, moving on. First, i enjoy helping others especially when its needed. (Needy people) aka Fairy ANYWAYS she is my best friend in real life and introduced me to this server i have been on PCB for a little over a month and so far i am in love with two things PCB the server, and Rollin95…'s house (Again Fairy) But! I enjoy playing, i go on daily and am never too busy to be helpful around the server. THANKS!!! p.s. fairy wrote this with me so thats why they are random stuff on this post :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks! and have a great day wink

I know you. XD


You’re pretty cool, I randomly join your TS channel as JLo.

I think you’re more innocent than Jedi.

Stay awesome.

Welcome! Glad you’re enjoying it so far :slight_smile:

Is this possible dear god…

That’s the first thing that went through my mind when i read it! ;D

derp 8)

0.o lol I need to meet her now