Mapcoords Plugin

This is a plug-in for staff.
I am no staff, but there is good reason behind why I am suggesting this
An hour ago, Player Fallen_Maiden caught some players copying a house. Immediately they hopped offline after they were called out so no staff could tp to them. This rose the question: Was there a command to tp to someone’s last coordinates? I looked up the answer. Seemingly there was no command. And then I found mapcoords, and me and a staff member got the idea to post here. A list of commands is below

•/mc [page]: Lists all available commands
•/mc add [name]: Adds current location to private list
•/mc addp [name]: Adds current location to public list
•/mc delete [id]: Delete saved location id from database
•/mc list [page]: Lists coordinates from your private list
•/mc listp [page]: Lists coordinates from public list
•/mc listo [username] [page]: Lists another player’s coordinates list
•/mc coords: Displays your current coordinates
•/mc saycoords: Says your current coordinates in chat
•/mc goto [id]: Gives directions to a location
•/mc find [username]: Finds a current player’s location
•/mc tp [id]: Teleports you to location id
•/mc setc [id]: Set compass to point to location
•/mc reset: Reset compass to point to spawn
•/mc publish [id]: Move a private coordinate to the public list. This can’t be undone.
•/mc rename [id] [name]: Rename a location
•/mc perms: View what permissions you have

This is what warps and homes are for?

The command /mc listo didn’t work. I think staff think it would be handy to see the last cords of players who logged off so that way they can see if they are copying builds, griefing, etc.

Staff can see people’s coords,

Its part of /seen, for staff
We also have a way to teleport to the last things people built with LB.

Can I uh… Can I ask a question? What’s so wrong with this? We have no rules against it, nor should we be taking action if it does happen (If we have staff rolling back, et cetera, in this situation, please stop). People are simply emulating a style. We can still see who built it, and if you really care that much about players painstakingly recreating something, you should get over it. Just saying.

I have to agree with Zak on this subject, sure you may have created the design of the build yourself but there is no rule on recreating a build. However if it is ‘your build’ and you don’t copy it then perhaps put up a sign in your town hall or something stating that. (Portland has that on a sign at their spawn for e.g.) Just giving my input on this :slight_smile:


Nothing is wrong with copying a build block by block… Its just plagiarizing. That’s all. And now I forget who it was who copied whichever build, not that it mattered.

Copying is frowned upon, but technically not disallowed.