Map Terraforming



Kind of like worldedits brush but on a much more massive and epic scale! Maybe if this is also a mod and not a bukkit plugin, ill try it out can’t wait to see what I mess up :stuck_out_tongue:

Andy. We are getting this. We will do everything in our power to get this.

We should make Australia in Minecraft 8)

That. Is. AWESOME!

We have to try this sometime on the server. Epic new spawn here we come!

I WANT!!!111 < 1ns for emphasis :slight_smile:


Seams like world edit on steriods. TIME TO START UP THE HARD SERVER AGAIN FOR TESTING!

There is also a VoxelFox option in the Litesniper configuration. Enabling this to true will punish anyone being cruel to Wolves will be smote by VoxelGod’s divine lightning. This defaults to off.
also here is the timeline of this on our server

_andy: I installed the VoxelSniper plugin!
Hard24get:/b v stone 20
Hard24get: Testing time click

I suggest we make an alt server, Design an EPC map on there, and use it as the new map when 1.8 comes out. OR we can do it on the main server to people who learn it now.
Might have to get sip to make a server so we can use it on his XD

Ive been trying to get this for my server but the download is missing the snipers.txt file

That sounds great but perhaps we should wait till 1.8 is released or else we won’t get the new terraform and various new map features

i think world edit is better for some stuff, and this is better for other stuff. i wish it was possible to have both at once but sadly they are not compatible with each other. :frowning:

They aren’t?

I think they are not.