Map Project : Showcase

After several hours worth of reviewing, arkger and I decided to make a map named ‘showcase’. This map will showcase the builds of different people, depending on its build level. Each area is assigned as : Initiate, Builder, Advanced Builder, and ProBuilder. This will give not only players but OPs a visual guide towards ranking someone up, or to know what build level they need to gain a specific rank.

All OPs and above can pitch in and help with this project. Simply copy a work, then paste it in this map in their corresponding build level. Please make sure you give credits to those who made the building (/mb or /mb air).

It’s becoming tiresome that players complain that their builds, no matter the hard work they’ve done, doesn’t get them promoted. I can only give them advices, but it’s of no use for them. I hope that this map will give these players a guide on how to gain a specific rank by showing them a work which is worthy of its build level.

Here’s a photo of the current progress so far.

Map name : showcase
Thanks for arkger for helping me out with this.

This is a great idea! We will have to be weary of direct copies though…

Also, make sure you set the build permission to trainee-op and above :slight_smile:

I think this a VeRY good idea! It can show ME and ALL the other players the ranking system and they will know what it takes to get a new rank ;D. Also do you think my iron building would go In that map well kedji?