Map of your imaginary countries.

Capital Cities and cuntries on a map.

Most Powerful(Based on number of cities, and size of those cities.)

  1. Kuneco

  2. Helveltia

  3. UCP/Aurum

  4. Canada

  5. Hong Kong/ Fili’s Southern Confederacy

  6. Matamura

  7. New Dogeland (but still powerfaaaal)

Piethrixia and PCB aren’t listed because Piethrixia is inactive and PCB isn’t a nation just a zone for stuff.


I forgot your Matamura country thing. Want me to put it in?

WHere did you get new bigcity’s location from Lmfaooo

I guessed

~jaketfs master guesser~

Also 99% of admins are from Australia including the owners and I like New Zealand no judge.

Forsyth is in central Georgia not Florida goofball

Thx for including Coral Shores <3

Same for Aurelion, RIPPP

I just did capitals of countries and then every city in mine, I’ll put those in when I get a chance.

Coral shores should be where Miami is at on that map IRL, part of the Southern Confederacy.

Hail New Dogeland Comrades!

This is pretty groovy my guy, nice job.

No Truoplis?

Updated with Kyrloth:

Bonus: Kyrloth as it appears in the books: (still working on the rest of the map)

Ok i kind of like this idea. But you guys cant make maps. So i edited it and bla bla and i got lazy so i didnt put in all the cities. But i remade it for fun and because yours annoyed me. Also i added Antarctica Claims (random for fun).

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Ok, this one can replace the current if a staff wants to change the image.

You were banned indefinitely, so I didn’t put it. I put pie’s because he’s getting unbanned in March.

Jake i was just messing around, i wasnt trying to be rude sorry D:

Also you dont have to change it, i just wanted to fix all the weird loops and lines.

Ayyy Nordona is on there :smiley:

No I was serious I really liked it!

You can’t make maps goofball.

Put Forsyth in Georgia, Coral Shores where Miami is IRL. Jake’s map is superior to this map, you left cities out. You had a chance and rushed it. Don’t h8 on J8k if you can’t overt8k his gr8 map.