Map Bank Picture Submission

We’ve heard your wants for custom images to be added to the Map Bank, so here we go.

You can submit images here, and on the below date, we will add all submitted images to the Map Bank.

The next addition date is 11th July 2021

Please follow a few basic rules when submiting images:

  1. Please keep images either square, or in a ratio equal to the number of maps you would like to take up (max 4x4)
  2. Please indicate if you would like a certain area of the map to be transparent
  3. Please indicate the desired size of the image alongside your post
  4. No images that are inappropriate, or otherwise break server rules
  5. Please check both the Map Bank and this thread for maps that may already exist before posting. E.g. we already have logos for McDonalds, Starbucks, 7Eleven, Myer, and Nandos.

Please be aware that due to the limited nature of Minecraft and in particular the maps, images may not have the exact same appearance in-game as the originals.


I have a submission! An ivy wall. Lots of green, no idea how it’ll end up looking. It’s a 2 x 2 (256 x 256)

I didn’t forget about this, I attempted to add it but the converter was unsure what to do with so many different shades of green, and made large parts of it orange and brown. I’ll keep looking for similar pictures that actually look like ivy in the end result…

Also updated the addition date, so request away!


I’m not sure if you’re still adding maps, but if you are I would love this in a 1x1 map. Whatever block size you think looks good, I was thinking 256.

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can this be made into a 2x2 map with an invisible background(i can do the background myself if i have to)