Man At Arms: Real Diamond Sword.

im just going to put the link here lmao. Forging the Diamond Sword (Minecraft) - MAN AT ARMS

Hahaha, nice!

One thing I dislike with these type of videos is how they just go “Uh, lets add some heavy rock and metal music to make it all dramatic and badass n shit. YEAH!”, when all it does is make it sound, well, as if they’re trying too hard to dramatise stuff which isn’t really that dramatic.

Ice Road Truckers is a perfect example of a programme which would be interesting if kept factual, without trying to make it all dramatic, and making simple situations sound as if they’re the end of the world. Although that may just be my dad talking through me, as he tends to mock that particular programme as he’s done a lot of driving related things, and owns a truck (Works for Snapon, some of you yanks might know the company. :stuck_out_tongue: ).


tl;dr I like.

That’s one sharp sword.

its made from real Diamonds. i should be =P

No ees not stoopit. He said mteal from antorr movee.