Making Sigs :D

Well I just thought it would be nice to make sigs for people. Especially since we’ve had a lot of new people recently. Part of this thread is a reminder for me to make them XD

So if you want a sig just post down below, though there is a couple of things I want to know for it…

Color: Usually I will do the background black, and 2 colors. So tell me 2 colors :stuck_out_tongue:

Font: Not necessary really, just if your new helps me get a feel for your personality (determine personality by font XD). For people I know better ill usually pick. Don’t worry too much about this.

I upload all the sigs I make to a public folder in my Dropbox. I make them in Photoshop and if you at anytime want the .psd file I would gladly send it to you. Also if you want your sig really customized I’ll add you on Skype, Steam, or talk to you ingame about it. For Skype and Steam I’m sipjca and same ingame :P:P

For examples of sigs I’ve made check out Ouhai_Ruby’s Sig, SemiLaxBeazt’s, or my own.

Sigs to be made:
Brodur (Sorry Bro haven’t had time, this is my reminder)

Sigs Finished:
None XD

would u make me one sip i just got trusted id like a sig!
colours: purple and green
font: something dragonic XD i really like dragons!

Yea, I’ll try to get to it tomorrow. Any specific text in it? That’s the other thing I forgot to add to the list.

just my rank i guess =D

Surprise me.

like my last one? claret and blue… and gold writing… google west ham wallpapers and its them kinda colours

top left:
Server Mod

Some sort of fighter jet, (F-18 super hornet?) with the afterbunrer changed to neon blue :slight_smile:

other colours: navy blue, neon blue (don’t have to use them, its for if you cant do the jet, these would then become background)

Middle:Zingwoof2 trusted Background:Pokemon :smiley:

Sip, as of today, mine needs updating :stuck_out_tongue: If you didn’t already know, I’m now a SOP!

EDIT: 1000th POST!!! :smiley:

Congrats ruby ;D

Ruby, you may want to update your sig again. It’s not called beta anymore and its classic, not creative, right?

sip’s on it xD

Yea but I dont know what to call beta anymore…

Survival? Look at my sig xD

I see you did it twice… whatever I did PCB. Other people I didnt get a chance to get to the sigs today sorry.

Tomorrow is another day ;D