Making an adventure map

I’ve decided I’m going to make an adventure map. I’ve made a nice worldpainter world, with maximum height snowy mountains. I have a basic idea - Nuclear apocolypse followed by an eternal winter. A few people survive but there is something out there. You have to discover what this something is and stop it from destroying humanity.
Does anybody have any suggestions for the map? I also would like to know h[size=small]ow can I spawn custom villagers with custom trades.

[size=small]Thanks for any help

Custom villagers would require a certain download i cant remember. I would love to help you on this map if you make it on a server!

i would love to help you on this map. also to get custom villager/s you need to get a command block to be able to custom the villagers.

PS.this might help you .Minecraft Tutorial - How To Make Custom Villager Trades

Thank you james1221 :wink: