Make Suggestions for the FTB server

Thanks everyone. Please use this instead of talking to me…

Well, one thing that needs to be done is turning explosions off in the Twilight Forest. Because they are still turned on, I don’t know how.

Logblock (or similar)
Ranks synced with the website
Ban list synced with the website

That’s all I can think of for now. Will add more as I think of things.

I have some ideas, I’ll tell you on steam =P

Yes please. Seconded. World edit is helpful for cleaning up glitched blocks.

LogBlock is on

/lb tool and /lb toolblock both give redstone ore, the ore can be placed but dosnt check logs. also dosnt ‘jump’ back into inventory

Commands are in place but no block changes are recorded.

Nobody’s told me about the “FTB” serber (I dont even know what that stands for) Can someone tell me what is is, or message me details or something xD

It’s like Tekkit, but better. No one is getting creative and rarely do people get TP’ed places. (The only time I’ve been Tp’ed places is when I’m in an age/word and the server lags and it would take to long to get back to the spawn.)

The IP is up top. Under tekkit. I’ll look into the logblock stuff, likely I have a database set up wrong.

I dont play ftb yet but how about damage indicator?

Huh? Can you explain what you mean more clearly? You don’t mean the hearts for health do you?

Damage indicator shows how much health a mob you are looking at has whether it be a player or some random mob or boss. Also I believe (correct me if I’m wrong) that it is a client side mod…

Sorry to necro but can we have a list of blacklisted items for ftb? the one in the forum is for tekkit.

There are none

Also - it DOES work… i used it on my personal server.

How about for better defense (and to scare the crap outta someone) add the…
(Dont worry its 1.7.10 compatible)

you are replying to a 4 year old abandoned topic…