Dear staff, it has come to my attention that there is a major bug regarding your server, today I had decided to try /warp pixel and upon typing so I was kicked from the server and everybody else on the server left too, every time a player tries to load in those chunks the entire server will crash.
What I recommend:
I believe that deleting the warp for good and teleporting me and all who have spawned there last to either our homes or /spawn until something is done the server will continue to crash and we will not be able to play. Thank you for your time.

It wont let me joing, what do i do!


Can you two stop joining. It’s clearly not going to let you in and you’re crashing it for everyone else. :frowning:

Im sorry i did not believe you guys
Ugh i just want to play >:(

Alealove7 I warned you…

Please stop joining Ultra the chunk that you are at keeps on crashing the server when you join, just wait for a staff Member to assist you :slight_smile:

Oh so its not me

It is…
Ok i will stop joining

Thank you for letting the staff know, this will definitely help them mitigate the lag issue.

We might have to reset your player account, so try to be patient please, DO NOT LOG ON until you are told to do so on this thread. (Or PM by staff).

Yes. As Javi said. If you join during being stuck, at some point, we will simply ban until it’s fixed to keep you from joining.

So i cant log in to the server, Ok!