Magma's And Tiger's Tresure Hunt

So me and Magma have been discussing a treasure hunt which is due to be held tonight at 3:00pm in America and 8:00pm in England. Like me. :slight_smile: You have to find 3 sponges and the prize is a $50 house. Proper rules will be told at the time due to start. We hope you all come and join in! Love ya all byeeee! XXX

You Must All Post Here To Be Officially A Part Of The Treasure Hunt!

Im Interested Count Me In! :smiley:

OMG that sounds so fun! Count me in!

America has many timezones. Which timezone is it?

It depends on the time but count me in. It seems intresting

EST Timezone?

dang if i dont get unbanned soon i will miss it :frowning: