Magical Nobodies

Hello My name is Axeldin. I don’t know how to give a good intro so I normally don’t do it, but Hi! Waves frantically

Welcome to pcb… Where all of your wildest dreams probably wont come true. But you’ll meet cool people n stuff. :slight_smile:

Nice Namillo. Welcome by the way! I hope you enjoy your home away from reality!

(I mean that in a good way)

Welcome to our slightly odd community :smiley:

Hi welcome do hope you have great fun on this server


<-- very odd person

:{) Have e goot time ear!

But I mustache you to behave.

.> stares at everyone…

Yeah i sometimes dont claim you guise. you act weird around new people

looks back at Axel

Welcome to PCB! glad to see a new face around here. if you do need anything while on the SMP/CMP maps, dont hesitate to ask. Id be more than happy to help with most anything on the server. just dont ask for money.

By the way. is that a Kingdom Hearts-based name?

A Zaldin/Axel cross? If I spelled that right.

Welcome to the server! You can call me Anima 0w0

why yes it is. Its my own name if I was a nobody :slight_smile:

so no its not a Xaldin/Axel cross

RADA, rada rada rad da rad ra da da rada. :I


WELCOME!, I’m not sure why everyone is being so akward. :I

Welcome to PCB.
I also have no idea why some people are acting so strange in this thread, but hey, whatever.


Hey I’m Yomi =D
if you need anything just ask. I always love to help new members.

Welcome to Project City Build! If you have any que- What a minute… Shadow you done gosh stolen my line -.-… Anyways I hope you have fun on the server and I hope you become well accustomed to the community!

Derp i duh duh;… er… I mean, hi. welcome to PCB and call me Charks Charkus Erradicus.

Axel’s a cool name. I’m naming my kid after you. Deal with it.

O.o Im gone for 2-3 days…

Jots down note
Do not Leave PCB for 3 days…


Anywho, Welcome to PCB as stated above. We have very interesting and well, Unique players here

IGN watermark. Disappointed in you.

Welcome to Project Daycare Center. I hope you will be a helper among the children.