:’( i didnt understand im dont fully undersdstand english.

I will unban you. HOWEVER, no digging below the bedrock level in guest build and DO NOT LEAVE GUESTBUILD.

I have to ask, why tell him not to leave guest build? I thought guests were more than welcome to explore.

Appearently, there’s a rule that guests are only allowed to build in guest build. I have no idea who made that rule, but it shouldnt be forced upon players who are guests.

guest build i believe was created to act like a classic-esque design of keeping the new guys able to build, while still yet allowing them to explore.
unfortunately we (as far as i know) haven’t set permissions for guests to create/destroy only in guest build.

Yes that was the issue. He would leave GuestBuild and start digging which guests are not allowed to do.

When i saw him come on he went kind of straight to hards spleef arena and just dug straight threw it. Past bedrock, then i teleported him to the jail so he couldn’t break anything. This was around the time that a few griefers where coming on and messing up some stuff. So i could have over reacted but i had to teleport a few people to the jail to keep them from griefing. There where a few people that even when i teleported them in there they still tried to grief their way out.