maddygabbyy got mod!!

congrats!! I am so proud of you and am so excited to see how well you do! I have no doubts that you’ll absolutely slay it LMAO I love you loads! <3

Congratulations maddy! Well deserved

Congrats Maddy!! Welcome to the team!!

Congrats Maddy!! Well deserved!! Welcome to the team lovely! <333

Congratulations maddy XD

Congratulations Maddy :smiley:

Thank you all so so much! I’m honored to be apart of the team. :slight_smile:

Congrats Maddy. :slight_smile:

Yayyyyy Maddy!! You totaly diserve it and you will do amazing! =D

Congrats ^-^

And here I was thinking “well she never checks the forum what’re the odds she’ll see this?”

I am so proud! You’re the best bb

I check the forums way more than you think. For the longest time I was just a noob and didnt know how to post. xD

Thank you dear. <3

Well done congrats

Thank you!

well at least you figured it out eventually

Don’t you just press the post button?


Congrats Maddy! Wow the staff board has changed a lot since I last saw it. Almost feels like a newer generation of PCB members have taken the stage!