Minecraft Username: maczo455
Approximate Date of Ban: 15-11-10
OP Who Banned You: unknown

Reason for Ban: no reason given
Reason for Unban: no reason for ban

DO NOT unban maczo455, i have found several greifs he commited both on PCB and the main server.

i not gief i very hard work in pcb i have three build
in project city build i have very great KFC

I Will Check Your Ip Adresses. If They Are Different U WIll be unbanned. If They Are the same you will be IP banned.

Nevermind that. You are found responsable with your new acc too.

next time dont fuck with my spawner.

I remember finding some griefed things in PCB with your name on it which I had to undo. I would have banned you if you were not already.

Appeal denied.