Machinima Job

Hey all. i am posting this really late or incredibly early in the morning/night. but i am attempting to achieve a job at machinima and i would love to have PCB’s help. the minimum is 10k subs and 2-3k views and 3-5 hundred likes[font=arial, helvetica, clean, sans-serif] at least. I would greatly ask people who could care less to not respond to this thread.

[font=arial, helvetica, clean, sans-serif]Channel: [size=78%]

I am very far away but i believe PCB community can help me :slight_smile:

if you could care less, dont respond. but i would like anyone who has a Youtube account to sub and like my vids :slight_smile: i am attempting to get other people on other games/apps to help me too :slight_smile:

Thank you all


Machinima is not what it’s made up to be, you are on their channel but every big name star is ahead of you and their videos are uploaded during prime times.

You’d do better with a standard YouTube partnership

sorry for ignorance i am tired but wuts that?


Seen some of your videos, if your serious about the machinima or partnership shizzle then you will have to improve the recordings of the screen and your voice a bit more

yes this is very true. I will support ur channel but you’ll need to get rid of lag like fatso noted. One thing when ur all famous and rich remember us😄

how could i forget PCB? you guys are like family

If you really want to get a machinima partnership you wont need 10k subs you’ll need 800-1k subs, about 100k-150k total views, around 1-2k views daily,post 1-3 times a day,and whenever you upload a video you’ll want 100 video views on that video within the next 24 hours, also getting partnership is not an overnight thing it takes some people years to get it, also before trying to get partnership you may want to look into machinimarespawn directorship first because sometime you’ll get featured on the machinimarespawn page helping you get around 100+ subscribers.The toughest requirement is probably 1k video views a day but if you’ve uploaded like 300 videos and each of those videos get about 5 views a day plus you uploading a video that gets 100 video views in the first 24 hours it add ups.But I honestly wouldn’t start out with machinima I would start somewhere like TGN or yeousch. Hope I helped some and I’ll be sure to subscribe to you :smiley: .

Or just get a standard youtube partnership… Either way, you won’t get anything unless you do as fatso says and acquire a solid audience. I actually got offered partnership, but it’s pretty much void now because over about a month all the videos I could monetize (get money from) suddenly had copyrighted content on them which had only been found about 2 years after the videos were uploaded. Also I hadn’t been bothered to set anything up anyway so that didn’t really matter.

Well, If you do gaming then you shouldnt get a youtube partnership because youtube recently changed their policy basically letting anyone be a partner but you have to own 100% of the video so if your a gamer you couldn’t get this partnership because the game belongs to the company that made it.Now I may be wrong please correct me if I am but I think that is how it works.

Nook is correct. However you could contact te game company and get written permission. Eg, if you wanted to do minecraft you would need written permission to use footage of the game from the Mojang team.

That policy makes no sense. Unlike other forms of media (music, films, tv ect) games actually NEED to be showcased on youtube. It’s how they get loads of their sales. I know youtube is the reason I bought Minecraft. And several gaming channels already have partnerships anyway.

Besides, game footage recorded by you being property of the game developer is equivalent to a video filmed at Disneyland being property of Disney…

it said more of 50$ per 1k views…and atm i am having mic issues and unable to record.

yes i believe i will give up the MC series. i may only do mod reviews people have not really heard of.

Pretty good, the only problem is the camera lag. Machinima will never accept anything like that if it isnt fixed. Also, you probably won’t make much since it’ll be posted on Respawn/Realm (Gameplay channels) Realm and Respawn upload shit tons of videos a day, so it’ll be pretty hard for your video to get noticed. Better to just wait until youtube offer’s you a partnership, that’s what i did and now i make money from my vids :3 Not much though haha, the only way you’d get money is if the person clicks the advertisement on your video and not much people do that… Its like 1 out of every 1000 people that click an ad. So far im up to 2$ within 7 months c:

Goodluck though