Machine Arrow Trap

i promise im not rick rolling this time 8)
but i thought this was a nifty little trap in case anyone decides they wanna try it on survival…
Minecraft trap

Jesus fuck for a second there I thought you were the little kid

Ima have to watch this later.

noooooooo im 21 Vaio… haha that is deff not me… i grew up on old 8 bit Zelda and Mario and Sonic…

That kid is a legend

I was actually gonna make a reply saying “And how old are you?..” Until your voice came in >_> Nice video anyways :smiley:

.< no im not in that video at all XD i just found it on youtubes and thought it looked neat-o

This kid is freekin like 10 years old and he knows redstone really good. XD
Took me forever to get what i got now. :stuck_out_tongue:

WHYYY WHYYY you were one of my only freinds though I wish you good luck also can u message the ip of your server to me bye :’( :’( :’( :’(

Ummmmm. What? ???

I r so confuzzeld :o

I’m still confused about this.