MacBook Pro & Minecraft

[size=14pt]Hi guys! I got a MacBook Pro for Christmas and was wondering if i should download minecraft onto it(does minecraft lag all lot on MacBooks?) so pls give me your feedback on this subject ^^
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and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! O.o

Nope I have tried on my sister’s macbook pro, Works good. :slight_smile:

Where do the files go when u download it from

Finder > Go > Go To Folder > type ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft.
Try installing mods on ubuntu… No. just no.

I assume you have OSX lion because you got your macbook late in 2011. If you don’t tell me :slight_smile: But when you download the launcher, You can access it by clicking on finder, Then hovering over the top of your screen where it shows worlds like “finder” “file” “edit” “view” etc, There should be one called “Go”. Click on that and then click on “Go To Folder”
Then paste this: ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft
You need to know that if you want to mod minecraft. But to get to the launcher itself and not the files click on finder and search it, Finder is the search engine for your mac :slight_smile:

Thank you keat and Hard ^^. Ummm i will try to be online soon. Are my presents at tree still there? O.o

…15 min later…

I was online a few min ago and got allll me presents. (btw vaio, web I opened my present I destroyed some of the signs so I didn’t get the while message :frowning: but Ty lots! ^^) plus I got to see some people like difr and shadow. I LOVE THIS SERVER :smiley:

They should be, if not tell an MOD+.

I love Macs, they run so much smother and easier than my pc.

No offence, but macbook pro makes it sound like apple has put the word ‘pro’ onto the end of the name added one or two extra features and charged an extra £/$200 for it…

That’s not exectly true, but let’s please not get into a Mac Vs. PC war. Lol :slight_smile:

Ruby thats true for all apple products… I got my lappy for $475 has better specs with the same screen size as the lowest end macbook air. $500 apple tax FTL.

Just saying I don’t hate Apple products and in no way want to start a flame war, but it is true. I would still love a Macbook, but it makes no sense for me to get one, when I can do the same things for much less, and hell if I wanted too, I could hack OSX on my computer.