Where them music threads at?

Post anything you’re listening to in here. Looking for a song? Make a post. Just wanna talk about how awesome some band is? Make a post.


Get in here quick before Liam turns this into a Foo Fighters thread!

Starting off with some Weezer.


I discovered DATA a few weeks ago, my favourite song has to be “Don’t Sing”. The video is pretty awesome as well, don’t read the comments until you’ve watched it as they spoil it.

Not Safe for the Children.

ALRIGHTY THEN. I enjoy these. I’ll structure my post to get heavier as it goes down. Stuff that people are more likely to enjoy will be nearer the top! It’s all good though in my opinion (obviously…).

FOO FIGHTERS THREAD YOU SAY? Nah. But I have to include one song with Dave Grohl in it…


Found this recently. Bought it after one listen.

Background info:


Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures, etc.) made a documentary a few years called “Sound City”, about a recording studio of the same name in L.A., which was being closed down. To raise money and stuff, he got a bunch of well known musicians who had recorded music there to make a collaboration album as well as share their stories about the recording studio. Grohl also then took the entire sound board and put it in his house, because why not? It was used to record the Foo Fighters album “Wasting Light”.

If you’re interested in rock music, or music history in general, definitely watch Sound City. Really interesting. If not, just listen to that song anyway! Corey Taylor (Slipknot, Stone Sour) doing vocals, Grohl on drums/some guitar, a great combination.


I found this through a youtube channel which does reviews of guitars and gear. The guy who does the channel has a band (this one) in which he does vocals and guitar, plus has his own guitar range that he designs and has manufactured. Pretty cool stuff.



This took me a few listens to like, but yeah, it’s pretty good. A big difference from Bring Me The Horizon’s older stuff, which I wasn’t a fan of. Much more singing in their new stuff.


Also found out about this band recently. They had a major line up change before this album, the old vocalist left so they held youtube auditions to find a new one. Both are great, the new guy slightly better in my opinion.

This song has a good mix of heavy and chill parts. Clean vocals and screamed go together well, as do the guitars and electronic background stuff.


Good old Trivium.

They’ve released three songs from their upcoming album, all quite different from their old stuff and from each other. No screaming in any of them, which some fans aren’t a fan of.

The video is amusing, as it’s basically a big “fuck you” from the band to some of the fans who bitch about everything they do. For example “This sounds the same as their old albums, wahhh!” or “This is nothing like their old albums, wahhh!”. You get the idea.

A good interpretation of the video I found was this, stolen from youtube comments:

[details=“Spoiler”]People wanted the “old Trivium” back > band is replaced by older people.
The actual band members are just chilling in the bar, doing what they want > they do what they want to do musically.

  1. “Old” Trivium is playing live (like some fans rant about, they want the “old” Trivium back)
  2. “Old” fans still support them because they all grow
  3. “Old” Trivium is seen to play in a bar setting only because they never progressed and stayed the same; they also kept the same 20 fans from their first releases
  4. Corey disappears after being beaten by Paolo because Corey would not have written songs if Trivium never progressed and stayed the same. The band would have gotten bored and stopped making music.
  5. Paolo (the bass player, bald guy playing pool) is taking the spotlight away from Corey (lead guitar, other guy with the long black hair playing pool), which goes against the stereotype of bass players being useless and not as talented as guitar shredders
  6. Matt Heafy (vocalist, eye patch guy) overpowers “old” fans by moving on after the criticism of not being like them
  7. The guy holding the Washington picture is someone who doesn’t want to let go of the original setting but seems to crack when realizing everyone moves on
    I think the guy who put that in the comments has been over-thinking it a bit much, but there are some good points there.

ANYWAY YEAH. Enjoy. Or skip past and post your own music, as I expect a lot of you will do…

I found this song recently, it’s pretty sweet. Rock, a bit heavy, but not terribly.


As a sidenote, the band as a whole is pretty good. Feel free to look into them.

I like nearly all music (just not death metal, gangsta rap or classical, and even in those genres there’s exceptions), but recently I’ve been listening to a lot of electronic stuff.

My favorites atm:



You can pretty much add anything from MrSuicideSheep’s youtube channel to stuff I like.



These next 2 are from my current favourite artist - Vanic. I like all of his work.



Also pretty much everything by Approaching Nirvana, Diplo, Skrillex, Sub Focus, Chase and Status, Nero, and Galantis

I have pretty much the same music taste as Ruby (Vanic is fucking awesome)

Here are my favorites right now.

This one doesn’t have a YouTube video, but it’s “What a Fine Mess We’ve Made Out Of Things” by thefaded.

Giraffage - Chocolate (Promnite Remix)


Taska Black - Right Now (the song I used in my Tokyo video)



Toy Box - Catahoula


and finally, Holy Rain - Trophies


Ouhai, I saw Netsky do a remix of Everyday at a music festival. It was pretty fucking good :stuck_out_tongue: I think that’s on YouTube too, check it out!

Yeah, I’ve listened to it a few times, I like both versions but prefer the original :stuck_out_tongue:

OMG i love the Foo Fighters! me and my sister saw them when they were in toronto


Guess who’s here to fuck shit up :slight_smile:

My music taste varies but atm I’m into a few bands on repeat as of lately


These guys are good, saw them in concert in april when they opened for New Found Glory

Also a fan of Rammstein atm (put vid under spoiler cause they can get pretty gruesome at times)



Also been a fan of Panic! at the Disco for years but i’ve been listening to their most recent album like crazy

Adhesive wombat all the way.

the past week i’ve been rediscovering a lot of music from my childhood, so this album is basically all i’ve been listening to the past week \o/ : [youtube]OTpjW3sxLjY[/youtube]

Nice to see we’ve all got different tastes in music. I’d say this thread was a success.
Feel free to post more of your favourite songs and stuff, in fact, here ya go:


My turn xD I pretty much listen to every style, so I will just drop some favorites.

[size=14pt]MY FAVORITE - RAP/HIP HOP, I could go on and on with this list.




[size=14pt]Miscellaneous of things I listen to now or that I seemed to remember


I could put more, as I do listen to a lot of songs in all kind of styles, but I think my list is already pretty long xD

Please don’t judge.

This is a recent favorite:

[spoiler=WARNING: Opinionated Music Tastes]

Oooh, nice.