Minecraft Username: LykaiosFelan

Date of Ban: 1st November '18

Banned by: MattDB

Reason for Ban: Using nuker.

Reason to be Unbanned: I had been larking around on SP world with w/e and nuker to create some custom caverns before coming on to PCB this evening, and accidentally pressed the hotkey instead of T to message after teleporting to Matt to check out his build. I am deeply sorry as I should have changed off the nuker client before coming on PCB, but I thought it would be ok if I just didn’t activate it as I have never maliciously used any kind of hack, as people who have known me since I joined would know.

I have fixed the damage and will not use the client in future on PCB, only on my experimental world.

I had been designing some caves for inspiration for my city, which I hope to keep expanding if unbanned.

I hope you all understand that this was a genuine accident on my part as I don’t believe in intentional griefing. I can assure that I shall double check that the client is off in future if I come onto PCB.

Previous appeals: Yes, for joking around and going too far with members. Since then I have been more reclusive on the server, and not breaking rules since I love being online.

Kyle, we have not had any bad experiences with you in the past, and you are often one of the most kind people on the server, so with that said we have decided to unbanned you in 96 hours (4 Days)- please remove the Nuker!
Good having you back!

Edit: Please note that if you’re caught using nuker there will be serious consequences next time, please if you haven’t already gotten rid of the nuker, get rid of it, and don’t use it on PCB again. Thank you.

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Will be unbanned in 4 days. Locked.