Minecraft Username: lulu21451

Date of Ban: 04/26/2020

Banned by: tomicalover

Reason for Ban: Grief and theft in survival.

Reason to be Unbanned: I’ve been on this server for YEARS! i have never intentionally griefed anyones stuff. Nor have i intentionally taken anything i didnt get for myself. I feel like i should be trusted more than that! I’m a very dedicated player to this server and look at everyone on it as family, so i would never do anything to destroy or ruin other players progress and enjoyment of the game!

Previous appeals: not that im aware of. and if so, it was done as a joke, years ago.

Hello Lulu. As I said in the ban, you were banned for griefing and theft. As this happened months ago, I believe the logs for this are gone. We are able to check chests for stolen items. Griefing is still griefing regardless of if you think no one inhabits a base anymore (as is the case with some of the bans I make). You have taken the time to make an appeal, so I will unban you as of today, however, further violations will have consequences. Please be aware of this.

Welcome back.