lphil32: 6/6/11

Minecraft Username: lphil32
Approximate Date of Ban: 6/6/11
OP Who Banned You: Everyone

Reason for Ban: I have no Idea why I was banned I did not touch anything that anyone made and went away from them when they asked.
Reason for Unban: mute me next time instead of a full ban

Once again, you have been irritating a lot of people, and one op ( I don’t know who) lost their temper and banned you.
And last time you said you had too much ice cream but I don’t believe it any more.
That your a donator doesn’t mean all ops will obey you because you donated a buck or two, we don’t trust you even if you donated.

Two straight days of being a nuisance…

I believe Italian Child told you to stop digging where you were and you promptly replied with a “no” so that may be a clue as to why you were banned…

Italian did not tell me to stop digging in a certain spot and Vaio you were the one that banned me

Yeah dude, you were acting like a four year old and an ass. The ban was a warning since muting you didnt work. Kicking you would’ve made no difference.

You randomly started digging and I told you to stop, you replied with “No.”
And overall, the entire day, all I heard was “lphil stop!” or “lphil shut up!”

Your unbanned. Just pull your act together.

Wtf dude, I didn’t ban any fucking person, just because i told u to stfu doesn’t mean that i banned you.

Ok, ok…
No fighting. just let this conversation die, it’s over now.