Lost Items

[s]Hello everyone,
As you may have known, I have not been on much in the past bit of time. Firstly I apologize for that; my gaming has become cyclic. However, I returned today to find some of my property missing. Normally I would just move on, but the items in question consist of the entire aggregate wealth of the Farcoastian Empire, which was roughly 100 Iron Blocks and ~14 Diamond Blocks. I know not how it was removed from my “HVI’s” chest within my home, the Citadel that floats over Farcoast, as the chest was password locked. The password had only been given out to Robin_hoodlum and Chaz_the_spaz, as they were farcoastian officials at the time. It may have been someone who could bypass the password could open it, but it may not have been.

If the items are not returned/restored I understand. It was a significant absence on my part. and it is also a large amount of resources to request. The theft has left me mostly devoid of natural resources, but in the end its only a game and I can recover. Just thought this was worth a shot.

Additionally, I have already spoken with Robin_hoodlum, and I do not believe him guilty of the action.[/s]

Problem Solved by _specialk