Lost Items to Server Crash

I was in the middle of creating new shops in the market, selling Leather, Ice and Mossy Cobble, Whilst doing the 2nd chest-shop sign (for the mossy cobble), the server crashed approx 04:45:25 pm (Forum Time) or thereabouts. After rejoining the server i found that it rolled back about 2 hours or so, and i had stuff in my inventory from that time backwards, which was when i was emptying my market space’s storage. Afew minutes later i found that my tools, the store items (leather, mossy cobble, ice) and whatever else was in my inventory was missing, and is still missing (No I didn’t misplace any of this because it was in my inventory, and isn’t where it was originally when we rolled back). The Items missing are as follows (roughly);

Diamond Pickaxe - Efficiency V, Fortune III, Unbreaking III
Diamond Pickaxe - Efficiency IV, Silk Touch, Unbreaking III
Diamond Axe - Efficiency IV, Unbreaking III
Diamond Shovel
Epic Sword (The sword with full stats)
10 Stacks of Mossy Cobblestone
4 Stacks of leather (Precise Amount)
7 Stacks of Ice
2 Stacks of Redstone Repeaters (Precise Amount)

Is there any way of regaining these items, because they were lost to a roll-back which isn’t exactly my fault.

This thread probably should be moved to the Help Board of the survival category also.

I wanted to join the server and i saw it was offline and posted in the centralised crash threat