Lost Inventory :O #Shocker

the name says it all, the items i had in my inventory when the server reset were:
A diamond pickaxe with fortune 3 and efficiency 2 enchantments
a Diamond sword with knockback 2 and Sharpness
Full Diamond armor, no enchantments.
7 apples
13 diamonds,
anndd 2 oak and 4 spruce saplings,
if i could get these items back asap that would be greatly appreciated :smiley: ^-^

Bump :3

This would have to be done whilst you’re in-game. Seems like the people with the power aren’t on too often now. If you have steam that’s usually a good way to poke SOPs.

are you kidding im always on

Literally, always. Get a life bitch. jk ily.

Well, it seems like the situation has ended, thank you Wairooooooooo :smiley:

(could a staff member lock this up? ty :smiley: