Lost all my inventory.

Hi, I’m not sure exactly what happened but I was on the roof of my house and i typed /tp jump but before i pressed enter it said i died and became obsidian. I’m not sure if someone tpd me to the nether but i lost a lot of stuff which i was using to build my town. I lost roughly.

9 stacks of smoothstone (roughly)
5 stacks of cobble slabs
1 stack or wool and 24 wool (roughly)
1 Diamond shovel
1 diamond pickaxe

If you do not believe me ask wolfcupcake, chris_dabbzy or tlw12344

it just happend to me aswell when i tried tp jump i tp in to lava instead and lost my diamond pic a stack on 64 wood and 8 snow blocks which i really needed for the build i was about to do i think it happens because if you are slightley off of looking at a block and you tp jump it sends you downward to lava :frowning: dno if anyone else has had this problem aswell

In regards to tlw, this could simply be you tp jumping through the floor, into a cave with lava.

But whu, if you say you were on your roof, that is quite strange. Were there any surface lava pits near you? Or any lava at all?

No Liam. My house is almost in a desert I didn’t even see the lava I fell in to.

Strange… You get the lava pits quite often in deserts though.

Also where i was looking was like a small dirt hill just before the start of the desert.

If you use /tp jump while looking at the air, it will send you into the deepest open space at the very bottom of that selected spot. Aka, a lava pool in a cavern.

Apologies but we cannot reimburse deaths due to accidental teleporting. Next time be more careful.

It wasn’t an accidental teleport. It was as if someone teleported me.