Losadewt is in hospital...

He tried a flip and BOOM now he is in hospital and…
He need a surgery for the broken arm


CSB tell it again…

hope he gets well soon

:frowning: That sucks

Get Better…

Hope he recovers quickly, always sucks to break something.

Get well soon brah.

Damn… Get well soon!

Did you get a video of it?

Nah, just kidding. Would be neat though. Get well eventually! I know it won’t be soon. Broken arms suck.

I’ll give more information if i heard the situation of losadewt

Sorry to hear that, get well…SOON!!!

Today was the surgery idk if all ok is

If anyone knows please post it

Please stop double or triple posting. You can edit what you say.

sucks. hope he gets better. i myself never had surgery but i defentatly dont wanna try it.

aww i feel bad somhow get well soon <3 i post hearts and im a guy so what im not gay :L


idk bleh :stuck_out_tongue:

i still hope you get better

Get well soon, broken anything sucks :frowning: When he gets to physio and stuff, tell him to actually do the exercises, makes recovery a lot quicker xD

Two flip related injuries in a short space of time… :o


Sword, Liam is a sop. You are trusted :confused:

I didn’t look at the original post, I looked at the ones which brought it into my unread topics box. The quoted comment was the one that bumped it. However, the topic isn’t particularly old, so it could have been he may have only just seen the topic as I did, and decided to wish losa well.