Long Time no see PCB!

Hello. Gamergirl here. You guys may or may not remember me. I stayed on Classic, was an op, got demoted, yada yada. Today I just felt an urge to boot up this old, rickety desktop. I discovered some of the chat logs that WOM took. I clicked through some of them, reminiscing the old days. That is what led me to make this. I’ve noticed there are a lot of new people since the last time I was here. It’s been… maybe around a year? Who knows. I’ve been spending more time off the computer and focusing on other things. Such as learning to play the guitar, school, etc. One day, I decided to get on PCB Classic, and see how that’s been going. That didn’t work out too well. The one computer capable of running minecraft is almost always in use by my brother (arkger, if you remember him). I don’t have premium either, so it seems i am between a rock and a hard place when it comes to getting into minecraft again. One of the things I’ve missed most was the friendships I’ve made with some of the wonderful people of this community. I’ve tried to reach out to a few by sending a pm, but it seems that most of them haven’t been on this forum for at least a year. That was a little discouraging. Nevertheless, I do miss all of you and wanted to check up on this place. Although you may not see me on any servers for a while, I’ll be here, on the forums. I hope I find a way to get back online. I suppose I’m just wondering how you all are doing. what’s been going on, how much you missed me ;D , things of that nature. For those of you that don’t know me at all, nice to meet you. I hope I can get to know you at some point. Anyone who remembers me, or even if you don’t, i would like to hear from you. Thank you in advance.

Hi there! My username is koalamama, but many call me koala. I am a new Moderator. I am glad to see that your coming back! Some of our older staff have returned also. Remember Nek, Vaio, and Goofmobber? They are back! If you need anything let me know! I am usually on, so we can talk!

Welcome back!

<3 koalamama

I’m not sure if we’ve met but I feel like i’ve seen you once before, nevertheless, nice to meet you! :slight_smile:

Nice to meet you too! And yes, I remember all of them, although I’ve only talked to Goof a few times. Vaiovista, I believe I’ve only talked to you once. You told me you were in… London? England? Somewhere in Europe. But, nice to see you again!

Yeah I was in England, I moved to India since then >.>

Ah! I remember you! Welcome back to the lovely world of the forums!

Dear gamergirl11,

Hello, nice to meet you! As you can see my name is Posvil and I really hope you can fix the probles your having with your Minecraft so you can play with us. When you come on (and if im on at that moment) you should know some things about me.

  1. I love making new friends so if you see that your old friends are no longer on, it’s always nice to have new friends.
  2. Even thoe I like having friends, I don’t do well with people that break my trust in them, but im sure we wont have that problem.
  3. If you are ever feeling lonely or bored, I love having a nice chat with people so just come to me when you need someone to listen to you (ive been told im a good listener).
  4. And finally I don’t have a perfect English so if you see me misspell something I really use the correcting.(but don’t do it too much because then my friend Fairytaillov3r is gonna say that your stealing her job, lolz)
    Anyway, I hope to see you soon,

Your hopefully soon-to-be friend:


Welcome back, I hope that we can meet at some point on the server :slight_smile:

Ou hai thar gamer! Nice to see you again :slight_smile:

Hai gamer :smiley:


Welcome back!

Welcome back :smiley: I am batman_panda but most peeps just call me panda, I own the wonderful town of Arendelle which is nice and snowy, if ur in game you should stop on by! :slight_smile:

Hello gamer. Long time no see…I since “quit” Classic (mainly because i accidentally blocked java on my comp .-. dont judge) And my rank was SOP. I dont know if you were there at that point but never the less welcome back!

You know, I’d be willing to pitch in to buy you premium. If we get enough people to pitch in we can buy you it!

don’t you need premium to play classic online?

Classic is the Free version of minecraft. Is/was all the same. I think i had like 5 accounts just to play classic :3 I wasnt very sneaky with it. Had my op’d account idling while i was on a separate one catching griefers

Greetings comrade , I have missed you. Its time for you to reenter the battle field and kill some panzy scum!

Hey Gamer! Glad to see you back ^-^

Hello. :slight_smile: